How we started


American Detailer Garage was founded by American Detailer Billy Baugus. Billy setout to develop a brand of chemicals after finding years of success in Automotive Detailing. Using his vast knowledge and love for the industry, Billy seeked to find products that are affordable and of quality. 



When you support American Detailer Garage, your supporting the good ole fashioned beliefs of one mans hard work to develop formulas to better the automotive detailing industry. Dream big and live life! 


“My favorite part of these products is that they are extremely versatile! They get the job done and do exactly what you expect them to do.”

-Steve Walborn


“ This is by far the best pair I have found for "smoked in" vehicle windows. Deep clean with F-Bomb (10:1) and the finish with Wipeout (32:1)! UNBELIEVABLE!!”

- Jack Minnaert


“Simply put, These products work!”

-Barry Theal

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